Who I Am

A designer and developer who is passionate about creating great user experiences

About Me

Hi, I'm Keegan Robinson.

I'm a designer and developer who's been crafting digital experiences for over 10 years. I've led web teams, built digital experiences, designed brands, and worked to bridge the gaps between technology and users.

When I'm not working on building better user experiences you can find me spending time with my wife, son, and daughter — usually catching some waves or exploring somewhere new.

Keegan Robinson

What I've Done

My Experience

I began my journey into user experience studying Graphic Design at Appalachian State University. I then spent the next 7 years of my career sharpening my skills in fast paced agency environments. Currently, I head up user experience and development work on Bandwidth's marketing team.

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05.2018 — Present

Senior User Experience Manager


01.2017 — 05.2018

Web Services Director

Crisp Agency

09.2013 — 12.2016

Lead Web Engineer

Healthgrades — Formerly COCG

01.2012 — 10.2013

Graphic Designer & Front End Developer

Coalmarch Productions

09.2010 — 05.2011

Online Production Editor

Appalachian State University


09.2007 — 05.2011

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

Appalachian State University



UX and UI Design
Information Architecture
Graphic Design
Brand Design
Adobe Creative Suite


Google Analytics


CSS3, Sass, LESS, PostCSS
JavaScript, jQuery
Gulp, Grunt

Project Management


My Process

How I Approach Work

In order to design and create great products and experiences, I think it's important to first understand people's needs. Project success usually depends on getting at the root of what we trying to solve.

After getting to the core of a problem it's time to generate ideas for possible solutions. Doing things like questioning the obvious and looking at the problem from different angles can help create truly innovative and effective solutions.

Next, we prototype those solutions, get them in front of users, analyze the results, and continue that cycle until we've developed an experience that we believe delivers real value to users.

UX Process

What I Do

Recent Work

I've designed and built websites, digital experiences, and branding for startups, large corporations, and local businesses. Here's a small selection of my latest work.

Bandwidth Website


UX, Design, and Development Lead


Improve business results from web experience including—but not limited to—increasing leads, improving lead quality, improving team efficiency, and improving user satisfaction.

Old Bandwidth Home Page

Home page before

New Bandwidth Home Page

Home page after

Results and key projects

Over the two years I have been leading UX, design, and development work on the Bandwidth website we have achieved big wins across leads, conversions, traffic, and team efficiency.

Bandwidth Product Page Designs

Through testing and validation we implemented new page designs that achieve conversion rate increases of 12% on product pages, 38% on glossary pages, and 94% on blog posts.

Bandwidth Trial Page Designs

By developing a new trial request flow we were able to mitigate any marketing or sales impact when Catapult's automated trial (our main lead driver) was sunset.

Google Search Console Report

By analyzing traffic patterns and user behavior we increased 911 search traffic by 80% by removing dashes and blog traffic by 100% by consolidating into our main site.


We replaced hardcoded web infrastructure with a flexible CMS based design system that resulted in over doubling the team's web production capacity.

Bandwidth Support Center


UX Design and Development Lead


Improve usage and self service of Bandwidth's support content and reduce overall ticket creation.

Old Bandwidth Support Center

Previous support center experience

New Bandwidth Support Center

New support center experience

UNC Health Care Health Talk


UX, Design, and Development Manager


Build awareness for the health system by leveraging hundreds of articles that had been distributed across multiple different web experiences.

UNC Health Talk Design

Remade Modern Branding


Graphic Designer, Photographer, Copywriter


Give a local remodeling and construction company a brand that that differentiates them from local competitors and reflects their modern aesthetics.


Remade Modern Logo
Remade Modern Color Pallete
Remade Modern Typography


Modern Kitchen Island
Modern Kitchen


Remade Modern Branding

Assorted Projects

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